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Tuesday, 07 June 2011 08:32

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You can find the story of our 2011 One Lap of America competition on Motortrend.com.

Our Civic gridded at Daytona Speedway makes a great cover pic for the story!



More pictures from Axis of Oversteer

Monday, 16 May 2011 22:09

The bloggers at axisofoversteer.blogspot.com have a great photo set of this years OLOA. Here you can really appreciate the variety and caliber of cars we're competing with.

To name a few, this year's winner was the Topspeed Motorsports 620hp Nissan GTR kitted out with an AMS turbo. Roush Performance brought two of their new 2012 Stage 3 540hp Mustangs. A handful of 500+hp Mitsubishi EVOs, GTRs, a Corvette ZR1 boasting 640hp, supercharged BMW M3s, SRT Vipers, and countless Porsche 911s in GT3, TurboS and GT3RS trims...to name a few. The list of pro drivers was not short either: Leh Keen, Jason Saini, Charles Espenlaub, Billy Johnson, and Jack Roush Jr. were amongst the them. Pretty cool to think about an event where you can compete along side these very talented professionals.



Pictures and Video from the 2011 One Lap of America

Monday, 16 May 2011 03:05

Pictures can be found in the Media section of this website. They're limited but I'll be adding more as I get them from the official photographers of One Lap - www.highlanddesignstudio.com

Youtube vids have been uploaded from the track sessions:

Circuit Grand Bayou - tight and technical with alot of cornering - great track for the civic to gain on all those high horsepower cars. This shot is only of the driver though. Overboost problems in 4th gear meant the engine would cut out momentarily on straights. Problems aside, this was our best road course finish, and perhaps a record for any econo class car to finish 4th overall. Notice the hand work and where the head is pointed.

Barber Motorsports Park - Plenty of elevation change, blind apexes and crests. It was by far the most challenging track, and one I really felt I would need at least a day to figure out. My favorite track of the 2011 OLOA.

Daytona International Speedway, 24 hour configuration - Gear limited top speed at 235kph. Each lap is nearly 60 seconds with the tach pegged in top gear. At nearly 200hp/litre, i'm glad the car handled it. In-car vid you catch a glimpse of the speedo!

Summit Point Raceway - Really nice track. Reminds me of Mid-Ohio with the treed surroundings, smooth and flowing corners. This was the first track event of OLOA this year and the finishing order sets the grid order for the rest of the event...roughly... We rocked it with 5th place finishes in both sessions!

More to come so check back regularly :)


2011 OLOA Results Summary

Sunday, 08 May 2011 03:17

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In our second year running 'America's toughest 8 days of racing' we come home in one piece, trophies in hand and records broken. Our little 'Giant Killer' Honda Civic places 1st in economy class, and 7th overall. In a field where the only cars ahead in the overall standings all boast well over 500hp. We can safely say, that those cars in the top 6 were certainly faster cars and should have beaten us, but many more cars in the field of 75 cars should have gone faster but didn't. Whether it was because of reliability issues or driving skill, we've proven our twincharge combination worthy of perhaps only a handful of the fastest street legal cars in North America. In seventeen timed events, we held seven top 5 finishes! 5717368371_3148efa8b0_b.jpg

The breakdown of finishing places is as follows:

Wet Skidpad, Tire Rack HQ - 44th place

Autocross, Grissom AFB - 17th place

Summit Point Raceway - 5th/5th place

Carolina Motorsports Park - 9th/5th place

BMW Performance Center - 7th place

Daytona International Speedway - 17th/14th place

Gainsville Raceway, Drag/Bracket race - 26th/4th place

Circuit Grand Bayou - 4th/6th place

Barber Motorsports Park - 9th/8th place

Autobahn Country Club - 6th/5th place

Dry Skidpad, Tirerack HQ - 4th place

 Full event results here: www.onelapofamerica.com/Home.do



Day 8 - 3651 miles

Sunday, 08 May 2011 02:52

Lining up for skid pad today, I thought to myself, we did everything possible to maximise each event points. In the dry skid pad, we place 4th, behind the top two Nissan GTRs and Andy Hollis' CRX. A new dry skidpad record for Catesby at 1.1g, a tie with the old record for Leh Keen, and Andy was just shy of that mark. We pull an impressive 1.065g in fourth.

The event finished with a banquet where we were presented our awards. For us, we won the Economy class, placed 7th overall and I also received the 'lightweight' class karting award from Carolina Motorsports Park - what I thought was just doing some fun laps, apparently was timed competition! I am so pleased with this years results. We accomplished exactly our goals as we set out, to finish the same or better than last year's 8th place. We knew the competition was stronger this year with the caliber of cars in the top 15, and the increased number of pro drivers (counted at least 7, almost all of which made it into the top 15).

If any of you have the opportunity to try this event, it is really like no other motorsports event out there. To have driven Summit Point, Daytona, and Barber all in the same week was absolutely amazing. At Daytona, topping out 5th gear at 235kph and 8000rpms and holding it for 40 seconds a lap and having the car hold together til the end is maybe just short of miraculous. Barber Motorsports Park with their elevation changes, blind crests and apexes, was a huge challenge to get right, but when you do, just puts a huge grin on your face. I'll never forget trusting my track-walk notes, and just keeping my foot floored as I crested that first blind corner on the first hot lap. Remember, other than the recon lap, there are no practice laps to help you get up to speed! I have one of those slow speed memories at Autobahn North course in the morning. The track was cold and damp, I nearly looped it on the recon lap while sawing at the wheel to get heat into the tires. On the first hot lap, I had written 'WOT' for turn 5. Well mid corner, I realized WOT was not going to happen and I lift..sending the back of the car around and I counter with full opposite lock. It was slow motion seeing the yellow stripe on the steering wheel come back to center, a huge relief because I could have lost a whole weeks accomplishments in that moment. That session I continued to catch the grey EVO ahead of me, cutting the overall points gap to 6th in half. Too bad that was the second to last track event, I had the taste of 6th place for a split moment!

I was short a camera and a computer capable of editing HD vid this week so I'll be posting up videos of all the tracks from a bunch of angles throughout the week.


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