Hot day at Carolina Motorsports Park

Monday, 02 May 2011 14:18

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Good Morning South Carolina

Monday, 02 May 2011 10:58

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Autoblog Podcast with Brock Yates Jr.

Monday, 02 May 2011 03:17

Here's a recent podcast where Brock Yates Jr. talks about the One Lap of America competition going on this week. Special mention goes to our twincharged Civic around the 30:00 mark. Brock gets on around 18:30.



Economy Class Contenders

Monday, 02 May 2011 02:19

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While the Economy class is admittedly small this year, the 3 cars classed, are far from what the class name would suggest. The cool thing about One Lap, is that there really are very few rules when it comes to car preparation. Other than the necessary safety concerns, modifications to the cars are essentially open. The classification is only based on what the car started it's life as. In this case, econ class are for cars that retail for less than $25k when new.

Andy Hollis, a 9 time SCCA autocross national champion has a new car this year. His CRX this year is 1800lbs and has a stock K24 motor out of an Acura TSX making 200hp and loads of torque. Running the same wheel and tires setup as we are.  

Charles Espenlaub is a Grand-Am driver piloting the Mazda 2. At 2300 lbs, the car is using the 2.3L turbo motor found in the Mazdaspeed3. With some modifications, they're making 300whp and putting it to the ground with some Dunlop Star Specs.

While the Mazda 2 numbers sound very similar to our Civic (300whp and 2250lbs), Andy's car is kind of in the same ball park in terms of lbs/hp - all at around 8-9lb/hp. That 500lb advantage Andy has will definitely be put to good use during the autocross and more technical tracks we visit.

I'm thinking this class is going to have the most fun at this event with each of us vying for a top 10 spot. As of the end of day 2, all three of us have equal class points. Andy's even got his secret weapon out - tire warmers! Is that a first for OLOA competitors?



Day 2 - 1070 Miles

Monday, 02 May 2011 02:01

Just added another 438 miles to the tally as we arrive in South Carolina tonight. The day's events started off in West Virginia at Summit Point. Beautiful and flowing track amidst a forest, not unlike the feeling we got at Mid-Ohio last year. With the benefit of having watched some in-car video the night before, and having John provide advice (he used to train the police at this track some 29 years ago), I felt quite familiar with it, having never driven it before.

In contrast to day 1 results, today we placed the car in 5th place for both sessions, tying our best road course finish from last years event when I drove at Nelson Ledges. Leading the field today were the GTR of Leh Keen, the Turn in Concepts 500+hp Subaru, Forged Performance Nissan GTR , and Team Igloo's EVO X. In the afternoon,while gaining 7 seconds total and beating the EVOX, the Roush Mustang piloted by Jack Roush Jr. was able to sneak ahead. Either way, a really solid result. After the day's events, the three economy class cars are all tied for class points, a great three way battle as predicted. Andy Hollis currently ranks 11th overall while our Enmo Civic and the Team ZoomZoom Mazdaspeed2, driven by Grand-Am pro driver Charles Espenlaub are tied for overall points in 13th place, only 5 points behind Andy.

Full results here.

The cars in this years' comp haven't been immune to mechanical problems though in just these past two days. Yesterday during the autocross, the wide bodied white Subaru STI driven by Lattos and Vancleef came back from it's autocross run smoking badly. Their car is out of the competition. At Summit Point today we also saw a Corvette with similar engine problems and Tony Wiesenhein's Turn in Concepts Subaru suffered a cracked cylinder head and is also done before the third competition day.

Tomorrow we start the day with two track events at Carolina Motorsports Park, then move on to the BMW Performance Centre in the evening for a time trial. It's going to be a long day tomorrow since we'll likely be leaving the BMW centre around 6pm and still have a 479 mile trip ahead of us as we head down to Daytona Beach, Florida.


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