Love from Motor Trend

Monday, 03 May 2010 15:45

Carlos Lago from Motor Trend chatted with us for a while at Mid America and wrote quite a bit about our effort here this week in his One Lap of America Blog.


Hallett motor racing circuit

Monday, 03 May 2010 12:05

It's 7:30 and we're headed to Jennings, OK. We're hoping to arrive early enough to bike the track this morning. One of our weaknesses is our unfamiliarity with the track. Will's been studying the track map and watching video since last night, so we hope to post a better result this morning.
The air is cool and there isn't a cloud in the sky, the forecast calls for a high of 28. It's gonna be another hot one, but we're ready, we filled the cooler with ice at the hotel.


Motor Trend Magazine blog

Monday, 03 May 2010 06:02

Check out Motor Trend's official coverage of One Lap. We made mention on their Day 1 recap. Day 2 has pics of the crashed CTS-V. Howard, driving the CTS was unhurt, and returned to the track with a Chrysler Crossfire.

Also we're sorry to hear that one of our economy class competitors has dropped out. We caught up to the Duvals, driving an early model 4 door Civic, at a service station somewhere in Kansas to find that they had lost compression in one cylinder of their turbocharged B16. Hopefully they'll be able make it back to competition later in the week when we head back east.


Mid America - Flat and Fast

Sunday, 02 May 2010 20:43

Well its true what they say, Mid America is flat and fast.

After recovering from out early morning mayhem on the side of the road, we rolled in at 8:30, just in time to grid up at 8:45. The first session was still cold, and I was just learning the track for the first time. The car still had the original intercooler water reservoir, and this morning's tank strap failure was still fresh in my mind. I ended up dogging it and only placing 17th overall in the first session. Decent for economy car class, but not up to our expectations.

Over the lunch break, we managed to install the new larger insulated intercooler reservoir... a Coleman cooler! And I removed the front passenger headlight to combat the ever increasing ambient temperatures. I also spent some time studying the track map and coming up with an attack plan. All the while we were distracted by interested spectators, and even Motor Trend reporters, who interviewed us for online and magazine articles and video as well.

With the new reservoir jammed to the brim with ice, I set off on my final attack of Mid America. The track is an Alan Wilson designed course with wide asphalt and complex technical combinations. Turn one is a slow 2nd gear corner similar to the turn leading on to Shannonville's Fabi straight. The straight is also similar, and had us nearing redline of 5th gear! The remainder was an assortment of 3rd gear double apexes and reducing radius corners. The enmo civic fell into a good rhythm, its fast corner speeds, confident brakes, and strong acceleration allowed me to catch and pass the 400hp Porsche Cayman S ahead of me, and place 12th overall. This put us both in good spirits and 13th overall as we depart for Hallet motor speedway in the state of Oklahoma.

New fuel tank straps are ordered and will be delivered express to our hotel in Illinois for the event at Gateway International Raceway. Things are finally coming together, and as excited as I am, I'm still very much looking forward to sleeping in a bed tonight!


Roadside repair

Sunday, 02 May 2010 12:53

Wow, we just had a fuel tank strap failure on the I80 just 30 minutes out from Omaha! It was quite a rude awakening, and I'm definitely awake now. It looks like the front attachment of the passenger side strap failed causing the front of the other side to fail as well. We were able to stop quickly after the tank fell, so we've got it securely reattached using tie down straps. Looks like we'll be heading to an auto parts store today!
Mid America event start time is 30 mins away...


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