2011 OLOA Results Summary

In our second year running 'America's toughest 8 days of racing' we come home in one piece, trophies in hand and records broken. Our little 'Giant Killer' Honda Civic places 1st in economy class, and 7th overall. In a field where the only cars ahead in the overall standings all boast well over 500hp. We can safely say, that those cars in the top 6 were certainly faster cars and should have beaten us, but many more cars in the field of 75 cars should have gone faster but didn't. Whether it was because of reliability issues or driving skill, we've proven our twincharge combination worthy of perhaps only a handful of the fastest street legal cars in North America. In seventeen timed events, we held seven top 5 finishes! 5717368371_3148efa8b0_b.jpg

The breakdown of finishing places is as follows:

Wet Skidpad, Tire Rack HQ - 44th place

Autocross, Grissom AFB - 17th place

Summit Point Raceway - 5th/5th place

Carolina Motorsports Park - 9th/5th place

BMW Performance Center - 7th place

Daytona International Speedway - 17th/14th place

Gainsville Raceway, Drag/Bracket race - 26th/4th place

Circuit Grand Bayou - 4th/6th place

Barber Motorsports Park - 9th/8th place

Autobahn Country Club - 6th/5th place

Dry Skidpad, Tirerack HQ - 4th place

 Full event results here: www.onelapofamerica.com/Home.do