Pictures and Video from the 2011 One Lap of America

Pictures can be found in the Media section of this website. They're limited but I'll be adding more as I get them from the official photographers of One Lap - www.highlanddesignstudio.com

Youtube vids have been uploaded from the track sessions:

Circuit Grand Bayou - tight and technical with alot of cornering - great track for the civic to gain on all those high horsepower cars. This shot is only of the driver though. Overboost problems in 4th gear meant the engine would cut out momentarily on straights. Problems aside, this was our best road course finish, and perhaps a record for any econo class car to finish 4th overall. Notice the hand work and where the head is pointed.

Barber Motorsports Park - Plenty of elevation change, blind apexes and crests. It was by far the most challenging track, and one I really felt I would need at least a day to figure out. My favorite track of the 2011 OLOA.

Daytona International Speedway, 24 hour configuration - Gear limited top speed at 235kph. Each lap is nearly 60 seconds with the tach pegged in top gear. At nearly 200hp/litre, i'm glad the car handled it. In-car vid you catch a glimpse of the speedo!

Summit Point Raceway - Really nice track. Reminds me of Mid-Ohio with the treed surroundings, smooth and flowing corners. This was the first track event of OLOA this year and the finishing order sets the grid order for the rest of the event...roughly... We rocked it with 5th place finishes in both sessions!

More to come so check back regularly :)