Honda Civic

civic_01.jpgThe Enmo Racing Twincharged Civic was built specifically for Street Class Ė Time Attack racing. Built to the full extent of the rules, the car has proven itself as a daily driven track car. This car holds numerous track records in both Redline Time Attack and the Ontario Solosprint Championships. Also, it recently finished in the top 10 during it's first year of

competing in the 2010 One Lap of America.

The car and it's modifications have been designed and built by†the car's owner, William Chan. Since 2005, the car began itís competition†life primarily in autocross events. William's work opportunities saw the car driven across the United States twice. While on the west coast, the car competed in numerous SCCA San Diego Region autocrosses as well as the SCCA National Tour. Currently the car is in Ontario, Canada where it competes exclusively in Time Attack and Time Trial Competition across the eastern United States and Canada.

The SOHC D16 engine was retained to provide a more optimal weight distribution than the heavier B and K- swap motors. This results in measureable handling gains, especially for a FWD car which starts with far-from-ideal front weight bias. Power increases are provided by a unique turbo and super charger setup. The combination of both compressors provides a wider and more efficient powerband over the usable RPM range while also meeting peak power goals. In itís current form, the 1.6L engine produces over 300hp and 250lb-ft of torque. That's more HP/Litre than a twin turbo Porsche GT2!



Garrett GT3076R turbocharger
Eaton M45 supercharger
Custom fabricated Weir Technologies exhaust manifold
Spearco air-liquid intercooler
Synapse Synchronic BOV and FPR
Vibrant Performance Exhaust components
Mishimoto cooling system
Hondata S300 engine management
Skunk2 stainless steel valves
Eagle rods
CP pistons

Suspension & Brakes

AST Suspension prototype 4100 coilovers
Progress rear anti-roll bar
Skunk2 adjustable camber arms
Enmo Design dual brake mastercylinder kit with adjustable brake bias
Enmo Design front brake kit using Wilwood Calipers and 11.75" rotors
Hawk Performance DTC-60 & 70 brake pads
949 Racing 6UL wheels; 15◊9" front, 15◊8" rear
Hankook RS-3 tires; 225/45-15

Chassis & Aerodynamics

Enmo Design carbon fibre splitter; 5" extension
Enmo Design rear wing mounts with APR GTC-300 wing
Weir Technologies fabricated roll cage