Honda S2000

s2000_01.jpgThe enmo racing Honda S2000 is designed to demonstrate the possibility of a daily driver that is also competitive on the track. It falls into street class for all time attack competitions, and has had success in Redline time attack, CSCS time attack, importexpo-ilovehonda time attack, and Ontario solosprint

time trials.

Honda didn't compromise much when designing the S2000, and this2002 AP1 model isone of thepurest when compared to the later AP2 versions. Enmo racing has not needed to modify much to end up with a well balanced track car. The square tire setup with a shorter final drive allows for enough oversteer to let the driver control rotation with the throttle, even with the stock power output.

In addition to being the enmo racing backup and lapping vehicle, this car still drives to work and back, and even gets groceries!


SCCA/CASC legal 4 point roll bar
Enmo Design electronically controlled variable flow exhaust, 2- to 3"
4.77 final drive
17x9" Enkei RPF1 wheels
Kumho Ecta XS tires
Hawk Performance DTC-60 brake pads
2000-2001 AP1 front sway bar
Race Technology DL-1 data logger