Leaving Daytona in one piece

Tuesday, 03 May 2011 19:13

Headed to Gainesville for the drag races now. Car was fine after the second session but have a couple minor issues creeping back. Despite turning the boost levels down I still experienced overboost cut at 24 psi. I can only guess it was the heat affecting the boost solenoid and only happened last lap of last session. Other continuing problem is a violent vibration under medium braking felt in the steering wheel nd not the pedal. Im suspecting compliance where the tie rod joins with the steering rack. Other than that, the seat rail only has two adjustment points- full forward and full rearward- sorry John. And cruise control doesnt work. And the damn battery light stays on because of a non critical problem with the alternator...also related to cruise not working. :-S We'll likely be dropping a few spots as the Igloo EVO and Bill Unwin's GTI pass us today. Im going to have to bring something better than a sewing machine in a shit box next year to keep up with these guys! (btw, those are the endearing names I get with the civic, lol)

Morning at Daytona

Tuesday, 03 May 2011 14:27

Well, the car survived. Turned down the boost and ran slightly higher tire pressures to handle the vertical loads on the banking. We're gear limited to about 135mph, not good considering the compedition in the top 10. Most with over 500 hp and trapping 180mph. A couple cars not so lucky. Continued issues for Catesby's GTR and Geoff Bond's GT3RS may be sidelined due to clutch issues. All I can say about the track is wow that's fast! I dont think Honda ever intended for these cars to race on a super speedway.

oh, and...

Tuesday, 03 May 2011 07:10

We're in 7th overall! After 5th and 7th place performances at CMP and BMW respectively. Although this is partly to do with other cars running into problems. Catesby's GTR which normally runs in the top 2 was the latest to run in problems. But it appears theyre got it fixed and will still be running. The Mazda2 is out of the race with an expired motor leaving just Andy and I in economy class. Perhaps we'll see the Autobarn Mazda again when we get to Chicago.

It's 3am, where are we?

Tuesday, 03 May 2011 06:57

Just checking into Daytona Beach. I'm tripping out seeing signs for Miami and Jacksonville, thinking, how did we get so far from home? In a few hours we run on Daytona speedway the 24 hour race track configuration. This will only be the second time in history street cars have been allowed to race at this venue.

Moving up in the world

Monday, 02 May 2011 17:50

After the morning session at CMP we're in to the top 10 overall for the first time this year. We placed ninth this morning on a track that definitely favors the higher hp cars so im pretty happy. In the afternoon we improved by a few seconds but will wait and see where we ended up in the results. the hot track temperatures will have some negative affect on everyone's street tires. We are already off to the next venue at BMW performance center. Looking forward to it since my sister Linda will be meeting me there since she studies at UNC, just a few hours away.

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