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Saturday, 07 May 2011 01:41

Arrived in South bend this afternoon after a day racing on Autobahn Country Club's north and south tracks. The morning event started off a bit hectic as we rushed to clean up an oily engine bay after the oil cap decided not to reinstall itself the previous night... A fatigued wing mounting bracket also needed quick attention to keep the wing securely attached. And we also noticed the start of a crack in the exhaust manifold. Despite this we were able to finish in 6th this morning. The track was cold and still a bit damp when we started which sent me into full opposite lock on my first hot lap through turn 5 as I tried to carry too much speed through. The EVO in 6th overall had a poor lap and we closed our points gap to half of what it was at the beginning of the day. Afternoon on the South track ended with a 5th position. This was the only track ive had prior experience on. I was looking to capitalize in that. Turns out quite few of other one lappers also have alot of experience here too. Overall positions still 7th but only 60 points from 5th place! Praying for no rain tomorrow when we hit the dry skidpad event.

day... - 3546 miles

Friday, 06 May 2011 07:06

2am. Arrived in Joliet, IL. Autobahn country club in the morning.


Friday, 06 May 2011 04:10

Also can't forget the last minute alignment job that Scott Murfin of Can-Alignment did the night before I left. For myself, who has always done my own alignments, the only other person I trust to do them is Scott with his expertise in setting up race cars. Thanks Scott!

Special thanks

Thursday, 05 May 2011 22:47

There are a few people who helped me out hugely leading up to his competition and made it possible for us to be running up front. As some of you know, I had made a last minute decision to run one lap this year due to not having found a co-driver earlier n the year (my list was short). Being out of the country for March and almost all of April, I had but 1 week to bring the car out of winter storage and prepare for the event. This wouldbe have been possible without the help of Lee Smith for picking up our specially marked one lap tires, Jon Weir for car parts, and Aaron Weir for the generous use of his shop and welding til 3am some nights! Also, Adam Mcphee for lending me his laptop for data acquisition after mine took a crap just before leaving for Tire Rack. An especial thanks to Stuart Moser, who really helped to get parts of the car together during the weekdays and wrench on the car with me after we checked out of our real jobs. Stuart has been a good friend of mine since elementary school and we've worked on cars together since we got our first cars. The civic im racing now was Stuart's to begin with when he supercharged it over a decade ago! Thanks guys!

Joliet, IL eta 1am...

Thursday, 05 May 2011 19:00

We were quick to get out of Barber as soon as the afternoon run was over. Now we have an 11 hour trip ahead of us as we drive from Alabama to Illinois. We'll try to keep the energy drink abuse to a minimum. Afternoon was okay. I improved my lines and speed through several hard to get corners from the morning. Lap times still showed similar though, probably because I also made a couple mistakes. Missing a downshift into 7 threw my rhythm off into a section we ride high on the curbs causing me to lockup the brakes. Also ran wide on two of the three laps exiting T12 over a crest and putting two wheels off. We'll see where the results end up. We're comfortably in 7th overall but you never know how that may change. Here is some rain being predicted the last day in South Bend where we are supposed to have a dry skidpad comp.

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