Chassis Tuning and Development

Whether you are trying to lose seconds off your lap time or tenths of seconds, we can help. Improving the chassis dynamics is not only about extracting the most speed out of the car but also involves making it as easy as possible for the driver to use that potential.

Through driver feedback and data acquisition tools, we can identify the strengths and weaknesses of the driver-vehicle package. From there we know what to focus on.

Basic vehicle tuning consists of tire temperature and pressure optimization using a tire pyrometer and pressure gauge. Our experience with setting up suspension alignment will help you make the most of your tires performance, providing optimal grip and prolonging the life of the tire. Changes and future recommendations will be made for camber and toe settings, spring rates, roll rates, and tire compound and size.

Advanced tuning starts with the use of high accuracty GPS data acquisition with built in accelerometers and RPM input. The basic unit provides valuable information about the driver and performance envelope that the car is capable of. Driver behaviour can be evaluated on how well the driver is using their brakes, shifting, cornering limits, and racing lines. Another useful feature is being able to evaluate segment times to determine the consistency of the driver and car and estimate the theoretical best lap times. The next level of data acquisition can be tailored more specifically to evaluating driver performance with additional sensors monitoring brake pressure, steering angle, and throttle position. Suspension specific tuning includes the use of linear potentiometers to measure roll, wheel travel, and damper performance. Data acquisition is also a useful tool for monitoring engine functions such as oil temperature and pressure, fuel pressure, AFR, manifold pressure to ensure that any engine, stock or heavily modified, is operating healthily at any time on the race track.

We can measure and characterize your wheel rates and roll rates, as well as perform suspension coordinate measurements and kinematics analysis. Our experience includes suspension design for a variety of production vehicles and race cars.

Engineering Design and Prototyping

If you have an idea or a unique application where a custom part needs to be made, we can develop it into a real part. We have the expertise to perform concept generation, detail design, analysis, and prototype manufacture. The tools we employ include Solidworks 2010 and FEA simulation. By performing structural analysis on a virtual model, we can optimise a design for strength, stiffness, and/or lightweight. We can also evaluate aerodynamics using CFD.


Looking to improve your car's performance? Want to optimize your car to a specific ruleset? Want to build a unique chassis or powertrain but don't know what you need to make it work and be reliable? We can recommend the changes that will have the greatest performance gain. Whether it's brakes, suspension, chassis, or a twincharged motor setup, we make sure it'll work its best.