Mission Statement

Enmo Racing competes in time attack competitions throughout Canada and the US. Will Chan and Jon Weir, both engineers, designed and built the twincharged Honda Civic and Honda S2000 for racing competition.

Enmo Racing is committed to competing successfully in the highest levels of time attack and time trial events in Canada and the United States. In doing so, we want to showcase the capability and engineering development that goes in to each component we specify.

Our focus is in amateur racing series where we have a direct relationship to our racing fans and the racers that share the track with us each weekend. Our community involvement includes educating new racers and promoting motorsports as a responsible form of automotive culture.

William Chan

b_220_149_16777215_0___images_stories_williamchan.jpgWill Chan is a graduate of University of Waterloo with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. During his undergraduate career, Chan was team leader of the Formula SAE team, a collegiate design series that designs and builds an open wheel race car to compete against 140 universities from around the world each year.

His team holds the record for the highest Canadian finish (4th overall and 2nd in Engineering Design) in the 30 year history of the competition. Chan was integral in the suspension design and vehicle dynamics and was the primary competition driver.

Since graduating, Chan was a Data Engineer for BSR's Indy PRO Series team before starting a career in the aerospace composites industry. Now, Chan is a composites design engineer for a road racing bicycle company.

In his personal time, Chan is an avid cyclist, runner and enjoys the sport of rock climbing. Chanís involvement in motorsports includes being the chairman of the Solosprint Rules Commmittee.

Jonathan Weir

Jonathan Weir graduated from Aerospace Engineering at Carleton University with a specialization in propulsion and aerodynamics. In his 4th year, he was the technical director of the Formula SAE team. In his year the team built a radically redesigned car that utilized a single cylinder engine as compared with the inline fours in the past.

Following graduation, Jonathan began a career at Honda Canada in the technical operations group. He has held positions as an automotive quality engineer, motorcycle quality engineer, and accessory product development engineer. In 2007, Jonathan co-founded an extra curricular employee race team that is currently still enjoying success (www.atrhonda.ca).

Currently Jonathan is the HADA motorsport club's solosprint director, and organizes solosprint events each year on behalf of the club.

In addition to auto racing, Jonathan is an avid motorcyclist. He attends track days on his modified CBR600RR, and hopes to one day compete on two wheels as well.


Honda S2000

s2000_01.jpgThe enmo racing Honda S2000 is designed to demonstrate the possibility of a daily driver that is also competitive on the track. †It falls into street class for all time attack competitions, and has had success in Redline time attack, CSCS time attack, importexpo-ilovehonda time attack, and Ontario solosprint

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Honda Civic

civic_01.jpgThe Enmo Racing Twincharged Civic was built specifically for Street Class Ė Time Attack racing. Built to the full extent of the rules, the car has proven itself as a daily driven track car. This car holds numerous track records in both Redline Time Attack and the Ontario Solosprint Championships. Also, it recently finished in the top 10 during it's first year of

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